Alyosha - Sweet people [ HD ] (Eurovision 2010 Ukraine Official Video)

Eurovision 2010 Ukraine: Alyosha - Sweet people (Official Video)
Singer Alyosha presented a clip on a song "Sweet people" from which will present Ukraine at competition "Eurovision - 2010".

Video shootings passed from April, 19 till April, 21st. In a song the singer urges people not to destroy our planet, and on the contrary - to protect it.

First two days of video removed at the Kiev thrown factory "Radical", last in Chernobyl. The film crew has tried to reproduce ruins of structures, old TVs, the grey sky. Thus the image of the world on a threshold of ecological accident has been created.

The image Alyosha in a clip is as much as possible approached to daily clothes of the city dweller: shabby jeans, gym shoes, a T-shirt with the Earth in the form of heart and a raincoat.


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